Let's Get This Marketing Party Started

I know, I know. I said we were going to talk about marketing. But I'm in a party kind of mood, so let's talk parties instead!

Let's say you are planning a HUGE party. You know - the kind of important event that takes months of planning and work to make happen. Like, say, a wedding reception. If you've ever planned a wedding, you know the drill.

Select a date. Decide on a budget. Select a theme. Reserve space. Pay deposit on space. Hire a caterer. Determine the menu. Pay deposit on food. Listen to musicians. Hire musicians. Pay deposit on musicians. Scrap the budget. Interview florists. Hire florist. Pay deposit on flowers. Arrange for emcee. Figure out who sits where. Show up 4 hours prior to make sure everything is ready for your guests.

Now that everything's ready, it's time to invite the guests. 


What would happen if you waited until everything was completed to reach out to the people you want to come to your important event? How much notice do you think they'd need to enjoy and  benefit from your beautifully crafted party?

If that's the way you handle your guest list, your party will look like this.

A fabulous effort that nobody knew about.

Wait...I guess this IS about marketing.

Now...tell me what it has to do with your book...