Rocket Science? It's Not Even Mozart!

How many of you knew that before I began my career in the printing world, I taught hundreds of kids (which would be thousands of fingers) to play the piano back in the day? Yes, it's true. That was me. I noticed a lot of life lessons in the process of creating a learning environment for so many years. One of the more profound lessons, in my opinion, is that hardly anything is all that hard. It's mostly just unfamiliar. Once you make it's just not hard anymore!

That little gem of a lesson has helped me expand my own skills over the course of a lifetime. If you'd told me thirty years ago that I would be publishing my thoughts and writings around the world without ever leaving my desk, I'm sure I would have stared blankly at you. By ignoring the fear of mistakes and allowing my curiosity about all things shiny and new to direct my attention, I've managed to learn a lot and have a wonderful ride doing it.

When it comes to publishing eBooks, there's probably no one less likely to 'get it' than someone who's a printer, yet here I am - founder of  Girls Who Print - pouring myself into understanding digital publishing. Who knew...

If I can 'get this', so can you. I have had a great time learning the ins and outs of how eBooks fit into the world of Self-Publishing, and now I'm ready to let you in on all the information I've uncovered. And guess what - just like I always knew - it's just not that HARD!  It's simply unfamiliar.

If you want your questions answered, look for our eBook 101 page at the top of this site!

Publishing eBooks is definitely not as hard as Rocket Science. It's not even as hard as Mozart. 

- Mary Beth Smith