Old Dogs, New Tricks

Meet Charlotte, Chief Executive Pup at Park Cities Publishing. She's surprisingly helpful, particularly because she takes her responsibilities very seriously. Her mission in life and at the office is to make sure I don't sit in one spot too long. She's good at it, too!  In dog years, we're about the same age, so having someone who rousts me out from in front of the computer is a pretty healthy thing!  It's easy to sit in one place too long when you're having fun, and I am definitely having fun at work. I'm wearing a lot of hats, including editor, publisher, marketer, PR manager, social media manager, ebook creator, and more. Most of these hats have been on my head for years, but the channels have changed. Digital technology has REALLY changed how I do my marketing collateral now. Here's my new video brochure - Click on the image to view it.  

Tell me what you think! (And...there's music!!)

Talk later!
:) mb & Charlotte